What Type Of Work Will We Be Doing? 

Our works at Mission OKC goes on year round and the type of ministry we do is seasonal. Here is a list of our current ministry opportunities. 

SummerLunch Ministry:

Deliver lunches to the children.
Canvassing: Delivering fliers door-to-door to promote Bible Day Camps.

Bible Day Camps and Outreaches:

Set-up and tear down of rec equipment, serving and cleaning up after meals, teaching Bible lessons, sharing the Gospel, providing transportation.

Fall Break Lunch Ministry and Outreach

Christmas Outreach:
Make and deliver lunches
Sort Christmas donations and fill Christmas boxes.
Deliver Christmas boxes to children.

Year Round Discipleship:
Sunday Worship Service
Children's church
Weekday Bible Studies for all ages
We are currently serving meals on Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening.

      We are excited about your desire to lead a mission team, or volunteer to help us in our efforts to promote transformation in the difficult areas of our city! 

     At Mission OKC we see our city as a mission field and we believe that help without hope is no help at all. As we move into low-income areas to serve, we bring the light of the Gospel.

Mission Team InFormation

Who Does Mission OKC Reach Out To?

Our focus is on reaching out to children, youth and adults living in low-income Section-8 apartment communities. Currently we are actively ministering in 20 complexes across our city. 

Where Does The Work Take Place? 

Our main location is at 1141 W Britton Road, but we mobilize from this location and out to the city with vans and buses. We also partner with other churches in close proximity to these communities. 

What Efforts Do You Take To Keep Your Volunteers Safe As They Serve? 

We send out volunteers in teams of two or more to canvas and deliver lunches. 
We provide plenty of water and opportunity for refreshment during hot days. 
We never enter or send anyone into the apartment of an individual we are serving. 
‚ÄčIt is everyone's job to use common sense and stay aware of their surroundings as we ultimately trust God to protect us from harm.